About this idea


It’s an inescapable fact, that anthing anyone can say on any topic is conditioned by any number of aspects. We are all very limited beings with partial and fragmented comprehensions of reality.

That being the case, that whatever I do I am sharply constrained in my access to knowledge and understanding, it makes sense, to me at least, that an experimental approach might be fruitful.

I am emboldened to tackle the issue in this way by the growing acceptance of there being a vast and possibly infinite number of “parallel universes” by the leading researchers in the field of quantum mechanics and string theory. Although, at present, we are told that we have no access to these other realms, that might not be true in the future.

It seems very strange to me that the only known sapient species is forever bound to one tiny region of such a stupendous realm as the physicists are talking about.

Can this untold abaundance be incorporated into an economíc theory?


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