The Great Culling

Don’t make any long-range plans. The rules of the game are going to be changed for the ultimate worse for you.

Barack Obama is going to be shown given a globally televised address.

The exact wording is still being worked on but it will go something like this.

Beloved citizens of the planet. Most of you are going to die over the next five years. Only the gifted and manipulable will be allowed to survive to serve the New World Order and enjoy the transformed world we are going to build.

Those others are simply irredeemable and in the way. We can build an earthly paradise once they are gone. We have hiddenly developed technologies physical, medical, chemical, you name it, that are decades ahead of what you know.

To those who are to die:
This may appear to be harsh and cruel, even Satanic, but we are doing it to save and ensure the survival of the species into the far future.

Genetics, evolution has selected you for sacrifice.

Perhaps this will console you. You share the genes of those of us who will continue and will live in us.

Let me try to describe the world we are going to build. We will manage the earth like a loving gardener and not demand to the level of exhausting her. There will be period of healing and cleansing. Great cities will be allowed to fall into ruin and nature will reclaim most of the land. Some parts will be reverently preserved and maintained.

We will live in moderately sized, ecologically designed, intelligent habitats and eat the purest most nutritious foods augemted by nano-docs, tiny intelligent machines, correcting malfunctions and weaknesses. We expect to live long, long lives. Possibly with virtual immortality within reach.

The woman, your friend, will probably reveal herself then. I do not know her plan to defeat the Order.

Whatever she does, I will allow her to do it. I may even help her.



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